Introduction to Jailbreaking

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Introduction to Jailbreaking

Post  philipkotlar on Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:59 pm

Browsing around on the forums will almost certainly have brought up a new word for you: jailbreak.
Jailbreak is the act of exploiting a bug or design flaw in a software application or hardware to gain access to resources which normally would have been protected from an application or user. Which is then used to gain access to the iOS device’s private file system, hence gaining the ability to override some of Apple’s restrictions. Jailbreaking an iPad, iPhone and iPod allows for the ability to install third party applications from Cydia. This is another App Store. What’s on this new App Store? Frankly, a little bit of everything. From themes to apps to help you install said themes, to widgets, to SBSettings, there’s definitely variety in Cydia.

Jailbreaking is, frankly, a ‘nerdy’ thing to do. It shouldn’t be attempted by someone that has no experience with computers. Normally, I tell people who ask if jailbreaking is right for them, I say ‘No.’ I tell them to play with their iDevice for a few weeks. Get a feel of its capabilities-and limitations-and then decide for themselves. While the process is much easier than it was even a year ago, things can still go wrong. There is always a way to rescue your device (see below), but it may not be something
that every user wants to experience.

There are some downsides, and the ones that are most noticeable are only there after you have installed multiple ‘tweaks,’ such as a Siri port, or running system intensive themes through Winterboard or Dreamboard. These programs use up your devices RAM (something you’ll want to watch on the iPod touch 4th generation as it has 256MB of RAM. While newer devices have at least a more spacious 512MB of RAM), as well as using more of the CPU. The side effects are sluggish performance, and sometimes drastic hit on battery life.


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