Samsung Galaxy S 4, Anyone else see lag?

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Samsung Galaxy S 4, Anyone else see lag?

Post  katelyn8df on Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:38 pm

I notice that when i unlock the device and that weather clock is refreshing everything slows down including when swiping between homescreens
i have lag.

I dont have allot of widgets. not much running.

It doesnt seem right that with a 1.9 ghz dual core and all that ram that there should ever be lag.

Seems like the Gs3 ran smoother.

I look at ram usage and the new touchwiz uses over a gig of ram just running.

I hope that there is going to be a software update soon.

Only thing i can think of is maybe android 4.2.2 doesnt even use all four cores.


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