Traditional Chinese New Year of 2013

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Traditional Chinese New Year of 2013

Post  andona on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:02 pm

China is a big country and its has a strong tradition. Every year All of the Chinese people like to celebrate together the traditional Chinese New Year. In their Traditional Chinese New Year they do a lots of social works. You can know more about Traditional Chinese New Year of 2013 from . In 2013 the people of china observe their Traditional New Year with very delighted, gladsome and gleeful.

All of the Chinese people attends the Festival and pray for doing good for the people of china. The people of china called snake year in 2013.


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Re: Traditional Chinese New Year of 2013

Post  munaka on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:11 pm

If there was a date - or rather two - to remember, it will be) does the following:
Chinese New Year always falls between January 21 and February 20 of the Gregorian calendar. This year, for example, it is Sunday, February 10th our friends from the Middle Kingdom cross the course of the new year. And if the festivities announced animated preparations will not be an easy one either ... ensino tells you all about the front, during and after the Chinese New Year period single called "Spring Festival".

The "small" Chinese New Year

The so-called "Little New Year" ceremony taking place the week before the "real" Chinese New Year. For the mercy of god Foyer, supposed to judge good and evil deeds of the family during the past year, members of the house lay food on an image in his likeness. Then the cleanup of residence. When it's the last day of the year, family members hang in various rooms of the house wishes written on red paper, symbol of good luck.

Tradition invites members of the house to stick on each side of the amounts of the door, a strip of red paper, on which there will be affixed to one, thus constituting a coherent discourse with the other side. Formerly, these verses were written manually, preferably by calligraphers or literary.

What do we eat during Chinese New Year?

Side provisions, our Chinese friends - at least most sighted - there are in advance! Indeed, the outer eye can see here a legacy from the time when all the shops closed their doors to approach the New Year Among these races, we find, among others, dried fruit and candy. In the past, the arrival of the New Year was also an opportunity to renew her wardrobe, and now this kind of acquisitions made throughout the year and is not specific to the Spring Festival.

Traditionally, seniors of the family meal takes place on Christmas Eve. And when the time has come to pass at the table, delays are frowned upon: in fact, the dinner can begin only on condition that all family members are seated. As well as our Eve French, the food is hearty. It will taste the fish, ravioli or even the "niangao", literally "New Year's cake." All these foods have symbolic value, based on homophonies, so the fish symbolizes wealth, wealth ravioli and dessert growth.

Program: money and firecrackers

During the meal offered red envelopes in which we have invested money. In the days following Christmas Eve, when the family visited another, it is good practice for the first offer children an envelope of the second. Thus, supply in small denominations is as important as food to fill ...

Once sounded the stroke of midnight, children have the right to burst firecrackers and have fun with fireworks, despite bans becoming more frequent due to the constant increase in accidents.

Chinese New Year, or the fight against sleep

Customs among the oldest account is the one that wants you to go to bed as late as possible. In fact, reach his bed as late as possible would be to lengthen its life. Television is often used as a boost anti-fatigue, as well as games like Mahjong example. Gambling, usually prohibited in some areas were sometimes allowed to celebrate the transition to the new year.

During the Chinese New Year, after a short rest traditions come morning. Some go to the local temple, while others prefer the ancestral graves near their place of residence. The custom is that the more one comes early to the temple, the greater the chance will be with you in the new year. What motivate lovers fat mornings.

Popular temples

Sometimes you can see a cluster of faithful jostling at the door of a temple, until it opens its doors, to be the first to enter. In some areas of the country, temples open at midnight for the first hour of the first day. As some cities outside the country's borders, like Paris for example, the Chinese diaspora scrolls a lavish parade full color, custom inaugurated by emigrants from San Francisco during the second half of the nineteenth century. But that ensino will come back later ...

The first day of the new year was traditionally dedicated to visits to family members or people of influence, starting with senior parents or superiors. Currently, the phone has replaced these movements. Provides custom grieving families of these obligations. Finally, the dominant color is legion previously mentioned, particularly the family members themselves: wear red on New Year's Day, it is seen! For the household, it is the opposite: it is prohibited all day.

And after the first day of the Spring Festival?

After the first day of the Spring Festival, married women visit their own family, together with their spouses and their offspring. From the fifth day, the shops closed for the occasion traditionally reopen their doors to the public.

And like all good things come to an end after a series of tributes to various gods of the Chinese pantheon as the god of wealth and the god of heaven, over several days, the end of the Spring Festival comes, symbolized the legendary Lantern Festival. This ends the cycle of the Chinese New Year festivities. Our friends in the Middle Kingdom, particularly families, waiting for nightfall and go walking in the dark with a lantern in hand.

The Lantern Festival overtaken by modernity

If these lanterns were previously in the likeness of such and such animals or mythological creatures, they now have the greatest difficulty in keeping the competition cartoon characters to fashion ... Sometimes illuminated floats make their appearance, controlled by the municipality. As for meals, we prefer a soup with rice dumplings stuffed.

You see, the people of the Middle Empire know to be generous and festive when it comes to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. Such a recipe, cleverly mixing family love, tradition and secular modernity assumed, could only reach to export successfully reach more by a large diaspora. But this story ensino you keep warm next week ...


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