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Ainol Novo 7 Venus

Post  philipkotlar on Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:19 pm

Ainol NOVO 7 Venus Tablet PC is greatest Tablet PC than any others. The Ainol NOVO 7 Venus Tablet PC support almost all language and Office, Browser, Gallery, Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Taskiller, Gmail and many applications are available int the Ainol NOVO 7 Venus Tablet PC. The weight of Ainol NOVO 7 Venus Tablet PC is 1.3 kg only. So it is very light and you can carry anywhere you want. There are many colors and style of Ainol NOVO 7 Venus Tablet PC. Most of the young and aged people like to use Ainol NOVO 7 Venus Tablet PC. You can get Ainol NOVO 7 Venus Tablet PC from


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Re: Ainol Novo 7 Venus

Post  Vickly on Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:44 pm

It’s undoubtedly potential to try and do this, and there area unit a number of key points to stay in mind once considering the way to best planned out your individual accounts and your media assortment.

Firstly, detain mind that AN iTunes Store account ANd an iCloud account are literally 2 entirely various things. though each use AN Apple ID, and each will use a similar Apple ID, this isn’t a demand in any respect. this implies that you simply will terribly simply have one Apple ID for iCloud and a completely completely different one for your iTunes Store account. in additional sensible terms, this implies that you simply might piece your son’s iPod and iPhone to use his own account for iCloud features—e-mail, contacts, calendars, backups, documents, pic streams then forth—while still continued to use your shared iTunes Store account for accessing and buying media content.

Note that a similar applies to alternative styles of Apple accounts used on iOS devices. iMessage, FaceTime, and Game Center will either use a similar Apple ID as your iCloud and/or iTunes accounts, or they will use fully separate Apple IDs; indeed you'll really use a completely completely different Apple ID for every of those services on a similar device if you needed to.

Regarding iTunes media content, the foremost vital purpose to stay in mind is that the iTunes Store account that you simply really log into on your device isn't the sole account that may be approved thereon device. Apple permits content from up to 5 completely different iTunes Store accounts to be used on a tool, given that it had been either purchased directly on the device exploitation that account, or synchronal onto the device from AN iTunes library that's approved to play that content.

In this explicit case, if you and your son continue sharing a similar iTunes library, you really don't risk losing any content just by his switch to a unique iTunes Store account. Any content that you simply were correcting to his iPhone or iPod before from that pc can still sync over in just a similar manner because it did before. Further, you'll authorize the pc for his new iTunes Store account, and any content he purchases on his iPhone or iPod bit are mechanically transferred back to the iTunes library every time he syncs.

The same logic conjointly applies if your son is already exploitation his own separate iTunes library that has been approved for your shared account. He will setup his own account and start exploitation that, however as long because the second pc remains approved for your original iTunes Store account—which it will by default—he will continue syncing and exploitation that content within the same manner as before.

If you’re progressing to setup a brand new iTunes library for your son to use on a separate pc, then your most suitable choice is to transfer your existing library over to the new pc to use as a place to begin, and make sure that the new pc is permitted for your shared iTunes Store account. you'll ascertain a lot of info on the way to try this in our article on Transferring your iTunes Library. Once you’ve transferred the library over, your son primarily simply plugs within the iPod or iPhone to the new pc and may acquire wherever he left off; correct settings for every of your iOS devices area unit keep aboard the library information.

Note that if you’ve signed to iTunes Match, need to be change automatic downloading of new purchased content, or re-download antecedently purchased content at any purpose, there's one extra restriction to bear in mind of. Apple enforces a 90-day restriction on switch between iTunes Store accounts for exploitation these options. but this doesn't have an effect on your ability to buy new content with any iTunes Store account or use any content that was transferred from a certified iTunes library. this may merely stop your son from re-downloading any tracks over-the-air from your shared purchase history, going him primarily to consider iTunes to feature any existing content onto his iPhone or iPod.


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Re: Ainol Novo 7 Venus

Post  Ftilope on Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:45 pm

Thanks for nice post.


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Re: Ainol Novo 7 Venus

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