Greatest keyboard case for my iPad Mini

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Greatest keyboard case for my iPad Mini

Post  philipkotlar on Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:01 pm

I have been looking for a high quality low cost keyboard case for my iPad Mini. JSXL Technology claims their Sharksucker Keyboard Case for iPad Mini meets my requirements.Any one out there with some professional idea? Is it worth buying? Thank you. The link is here:


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Re: Greatest keyboard case for my iPad Mini

Post  mirandalot3 on Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:28 pm

I'll take some requests your trying to be the most complete!
I'm already committed to read other posts that are related to your request, you are already good parts of response (théoriquement. ..)!

Regarding budget in the first place, it seems to me rather a lot! It gives you access to a lot of models and as you may have seen in the news over different shelves, some are seeing their prices dip, which is a good thing to approach Noyel!
In addition with the upcoming release of the new generation of tablets (including those equipped tegra3), prices should probably drop a bit ... but in my opinion it will be for January / February!
You to see if you want to wait until or if it really is Christmas! : P

To your question about reading pdf, assumes that no matter what machine you're working on (or tablet computer), if it is super heavy for you scrolleras way too fast, you'll inevitably a small refresh time! After must see if you're the kind ultra impatient and waiting 2 seconds if you go out of you to the point of throwing against the wall or shelf so if like any normal player, you read your text as normal quietly and then the refresh will be barely perceptible therefore not annoying!
For once the tablets have largely ensure enough on this point, regardless of the model chosen!
It only depends on the user and their requirements ...

* I'm using the right???? : Lol: *

Regarding reading mail, no worries on this side of, they are doing more than good, especially if it is a gmail account ... as you say, it is android ... Googleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^ ^

Internet browsing is more or less fluid depending on the model and also versions of the OS installed.
The browser is hyper important!
For example, a transform, the basic browser will be quite heavy and slow. You put an Opera or Chrome tadammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and above! No more worries, everything runs fine and smoothly!
The combination hardware / software is ultra important!
And to help you, a great community to determine what might be the most appropriate apps to use X (no I'm not talking about porn ... disappointment huh?: D)

Regarding the gps! Warning Warning! The tablets contain mostly one aGPS ... ie a chip that will allow you to have use GPS, BUT THE CONDITION that you're in wifi or 3g ... Therefore connected to the internet great!
The tablet should therefore logically not become your new gps car!
Unless you are the branches or insert a smart 3g!
Free to you to see if adding a monthly fee you seem indispensable ...

Regarding the sequence for opening and editing word / excel & co, my preference is personal as a result of this the Asus Transformer ... after the other may be good, but I admit to not having enough test to certify you that!

The presence of a USB port was a key point for me! In addition to a dock for a physical keyboard or bluetooth not wifi! This eest why I turned to the Transformer!
After Acer seems a good choice, but personally, the lack of physical keyboard was a handicap.

Regarding the video, 720p is good enough on these ample screen size! It is even more than what we need! And to connect to an external display via HDMI is still pretty enough! Do not forget that HD takes a lot of memory space and that you must consider right! 1080p is more to me about bulimia increasing performance even if they are not needed!

Regarding the comparison tegra processor versus that of the archos, I'm not the best placed to answer!
To see people standing firmly with the above! But on the net, you should be able to find benchmarks that will be better able to answer this question so sharp!
* I'll get ... I'll post later *

Finally what is the version of android, manufacturers are more or less reactive to the latest versions out but in the end all do!
Competition forces!
So yes, in general, when you purchased a tablet, it will be Android 3.0 Update is available but direct OTA (over the air ... yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh: D) and do very well! No worries on this side of it!
For what is Androit ICS (4.0), it shook in my opinion deployed on all Tegra2 shelves! Regarding the Transformer, and some of it is for others, I would put my arm not to cut! But the news on jdg & co should you confirm it!

And then finally (arffffffffffffffffffff! Long this post!) Regarding the quality of screens! Look at the definition and the number of color and technology, and should give you ca which is better! But yes I agree rather than as what the archos is below in terms of quality compared to the other 2!

Hoping you have helped your choice!
Do not hesitate to ask any other questions or comments that you will after reading all this!


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